Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks Game 3

Milwaukee started tonight’s Game 3 with a desperate need to get the series to 2-1. Especially since teams that have been down 3-0 are a collective 0-139.

With that in mind, Milwaukee started well. The Bucks shot 40% from the field and his 4-13 three point shots in first quarter. While only leading by 1, the Bucks were keeping the likes of Jimmy Butler and Gorman Dragic off the board early.

In the 2nd quarter, the Bucks continued to control Butler and Dragic to 5 and 6 points respectively. At the half, the Bucks led 57-50, and Antetokounmpo only had 7 points. Without Giannis scoring, and the Bucks in the lead, things looked good for Milwaukee.

Moving into the third, Giannis took more control offensively and added 10 points and the Bucks led by 12, 87-75 at the end of the quarter. This is where the good news for Milwaukee stopped.

With 6:16 remaining in the 4th, Jimmy Butler made two free throws to give the Heat the lead, 93-92. Unfortunately for the Bucks, they were in the lead 91-80 with 10:10 to go in the 4th. You guessed it…the Bucks only scored 9 points the last 10 minutes of the game. With the reigning MVP in the lineup, the Bucks failed to use Antetokounmpo to their advantage in the fourth. With 8:41 remaining, Giannis went to the bench with the Bucks in the lead 91-87. He returned to the game at 6:51 remaining and a 93-92 lead. However, Giannis scored just once on a dunk with 4:41 remaining.

As Miami continued to blitz the Bucks in the 4th quarter, when Giannis scored his last points, the Bucks took the lead 99-98. But from here on, Giannis only touched the ball a few possessions. In fact, he only took 3 shots the remainder of the game. This is hard to understand. The reigning MVP, in a must-win game for the Bucks, hardly touched the ball down the stretch. Not sure why you do not get your top scorer the ball every time down the floor.

In contrast, Jimmy Butler took control of the Miami offense in the 4th quarter. Nearly every possession went through his hands. He scored 17 of his 30 points in the 4th Quarter as Miami out scored Milwaukee, 40-13. Milwaukee’s offensive ineptitude in the 4th quarter led to Miami taking Game 3, 115-100. If Milwaukee wants to be the first NBA team to come back from 3-0 down, they better get Giannis the ball and run nearly every possession through him the rest of the way.

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